Problems with QuickTime - part 1 - animations

If the game refuses to play animations,
if the game shows a red red cross instead of an animation ...

Problems like this occur only on Windows in Rhem1, Rhem2 and earlier versions of Rhem3 (GotGame Version). In later versions all animations run without QuickTime.

You need QuickTime to run this versions of RHEM.
If you did not install QuickTime you will see on some points in the game a red box with a red "X". This is the sign of a missing plug-in. After the installation of Quicktime you see animation-movies instead the box with the "X".
Please download the FREE QuickTime Player from on of the links below: FREE QT version 7.0.3 Download from:

FREE QT version 6.5.2 Download from:

Attention 1:
There are problems with QuickTime 7.0.4. Please use version 7.0.3 or earlier versions.

Attention 2:
If you use Win95 please use an older version of Quicktime (version 4 or 5).

QT4-Download for older Windows:

QT5-Download for older Windows:

Attention 3:
If you do not like to install QuickTime or if it did not work, please try the QuickTime Alternative:

PS: Here is the QuickTime home-page for the newest versions and additional informations:

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