Problems with QuickTime - part 2 - sound

If the game have problems playing the sound.

There is a possibility that the problem is a result of QuickTime
versions 7.0.4., 7.1. (and higher).

There are 2 different possiblities to skip the problems.

Solution 1 (easier and faster): (change the hardware acceleration of the soundcard)
Here is one example how it could work. If you have a different soundcard,
please adapt your steps.

Go to "Run" under the start menu, and type in DXDIAG (this is the direct X diagnostic program). Click on the "Sound" tab, and turn down audio hardware acceleration. There are 4 possible setting for acceleration (none, basic, standard, and full). Rhem2/QT7.1 could only play the audio properly when the machine was set to basic.áChanging this setting, playing Rhem2, then resetting the acceleration back up to full when finished is a LOT easier than uninstalling and reinstalling versions of QT.

Solution 2: (use a earlier version of QuickTime)
Download the FREE QuickTime Player version 7.0.3 from:

or FREE QT version 6.5.2 Download from:

or if you need QuickTime 7.1 for iPod, try the following steps:
1. Updated to Quicktime 7.1 (you have already 7.1 installed)
2. Uninstalled Version 7.1 and installed 6.5.2
3. Reinstalled Version 7.1 without uninstalling 6.5.2

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